Horizon One Asset Management | About HorizonOne
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About HorizonOne


Public small/mid cap. and private equity investing requires experience, patience and discipline. After many years of favorable dynamics and equity returns, the Canadian oil and gas sector has been challenged since 2008 (the ‘financial crisis’) with 7 down years out of the past 9. HorizonOne has fared relatively well, with significant outperformance in our prior two energy equity funds, through careful execution of our ‘refined’ investment strategy utilizing a 4 Pillar Investment Matrix (see Energy Equity Funds). With strong fundamentals in leading resource plays, historic low commodity prices and discounted valuations, the sector (and HorizonOne) are well positioned for strong returns.

About Us

HorizonOne Asset Management Inc. is a registered Investment Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer in certain provinces of Canada.

HorizonOne manages a series of Energy Equity Funds on behalf of Accredited Investors (primarily high net worth individuals and family offices) emphasizing Western Canada oil and gas producers with leading resource plays.

HorizonOne also arranges and manages select private placement financings and strategic advisory assignments which included BlackSquare, an emerging leader in Ecommerce/DTC technology for the wine/alcohol beverage industry.

In addition, we founded and manage HorizonOne Royalty Corporation, a private company focused on originating and acquiring a diversified portfolio of lower risk, higher quality structured royalties.

James Mahoney is the founder and President of HorizonOne; for more information, visit www.horizononeroyalty.com/about-us/